6V resettable fuse

6V resettable fuse

6V resettable fuse

6V resettable fuse



Operating temperature range: -40 ℃ to 85 ℃

Certification: UL TUV ROHS

Specification of   6V Resettable Fuses:                  

1. Grade: 0805/1206/1210/1812/2920 SMD fuse; PPTC/PTC fuse                  

2. Certification: UL, ROHS                  

3. Package: Disc, PE bag                  

4. Applications: Toys, Communication Equipment.                   

The feature of   6V Resettable Fuses:                  

1)Very reliable and cost effective, Well and High Quality Control                  

2)Raw materials adopted from Taiwan and overseas areas                   

3)Fast delivery                  

4)Factory-direct sale, Small Order Acceptable                  

5)Wide ampere range blade fuse holder                 

6)Internationally approved,RoHS compliant                 

7)All dimensions available,Various alternative fuse assortment kit

6V resettable fuse 6V resettable fuse